Decision modeling to measure progress on Climate Change and Social Value Acts

By Tim Stephenson,

Decision Camp 2018 logo

Between 17th and 19th September I will be participating in the Decision Camp 2018, an annual event to take stock of the latest progress in Decision Management. This year I hope to see DMN adoption is gathering pace. Indeed the programme seems to suggest it is.

My own presentation this year will be a case study in the way we’ve applied the DMN technology to Sustainability Reporting. Here’s the abstract.

The Climate Change Act and Social Value Act in the UK place responsibilities on many private sector and all public sector organisations to consider not only the value to customers and stakeholders of their activities but also the effect on greenhouse gases and the society they operate within.
The healthcare sector has a particularly significant place in this work, forming as it does a large part of the public sector and being present in every part of UK society. This programme that we’ve been involved with for some years now aims to recruit that considerable geographic & economic muscle to positively drive social and environmental action.

The programme collates the best and most up to date climate and social value modelling available and applies it to the problem of calculating a complete Sustainability report for each and every hospital trust and clinical commissioning group (CCGS – who commission primary healthcare providers) in England. In numerical terms this deals with almost 500 data inputs for each of around 200 hospital trusts, a further 200 CCGs as well as Ambulance Trusts, Mental Health providers and so on.
This case study will show how DMN has been used to document the previously black box system allowing far more people to understand, critique and improve the reporting process. Furthermore, by making these decision models executable we have dramatically reduced the complexity of maintaining and updating the system as new and updated data becomes available.

Update 20th Sept: Here are the slides from my presentation.